Dinner party catering - What we offer

Exquisite lemon mousse [Italy]

Lemon mousse [Italy]

Pomodoro offers you a hassle-free tantalizing gourmet dinner party experience, cooked in your own home, allowing you maximum time to catch up with friends and family. We will:

The menus

We offer an extensive menus, typically consisting of four courses, in the Italian style:

  1. antipasto - starter [photos]
  2. primo - pasta, rice, etc. [photos]
  3. secondo - main course [photos]
  4. dolce - dessert [photos]

Optional extra courses

You can also treat your guests to 2 extra courses:

  1. aperitivo (premium appetizers to be served when your guests arrive)
  2. formaggi (selection of fine cheeses to be served before the dessert)

Further details

Cantucci: Crunchy almond biscuits, from Tuscany [Italy]

Cantucci: Crunchy almond biscuits, from Tuscany [Italy]